I am Dr. Jeffrey S. Kurtz and I have created this website to make Applied Kinesiology more prevelant in Europe.  It is my goal to bring AK to you and give you the tools you need to treat complex patients and be successful in practice.

Traditionally structural practitioners are taught the art of palpation and orthopedic/neurological evaluation in order to diagnose musculoskeletal problems.  This approach to diagnosis is open to interpretation and many tests are limited in objectivity.  With Applied Kinesiology, a doctor can can diagnose with more certainty using manual muscle testing and the nervous system as tools.

Applied Kinesiology also brings many tools to treat the whole patient and not only a local problem.  Many problems that are thought of as straight forward musculoskeletal issues often have a biochemical and emotional component that are too often neglected.  This results in frustration on the part of the patient and the doctor that may lead to unnecessary surgery or use of strong medication over the long term.

Patients today are looking for something other than drugs and surgery to solve their health problems.  This statistic is growing every year and demonstrates the limited ability of conventional medicine to treat chronic health problems.  Conventional medicine has its strengths (especially in acute care), but it becomes very limited when it comes to diagnosing and treating the causes of chronic health issues.  Recommendations to take aspirin every day to prevent heart disease is an example of how the school of medicine discounts the effects of proper nutrition or the treatment of nutritional deficiencies by promoting prevention through medication.  Through the use of Applied Kinesiology, we can approach these health issues through the use of NORMAL biochemistry and what may be in a state of imbalance or deficiency.  We can then treat it accordingly without medication to bring the body into balance.

A health revolution is on the way and Applied Kinesiology will be at the forefront.  It is being taught at chiropractic colleges all over the world.  Thousands of doctors use it and witness what are often called “miracles” by patients; but to the doctor is simply giving the body what it wants and applying the structural, biochemical, and emotional components to treatment.

I hope you find this website informative and if you have a suggestion or would like to have an Applied Kinesiology course in your area, please contact me.  I wish you continued health and success.

Jeffrey Kurtz, DC, CCSP, DIBAK